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Treatment Services and Fees




To schedule a session call 571-970-8546 or email:

Appointment availability is currently limited to Tuesday and Thursday from 6p-8p, and weekends 10a-2p.


The modalities I use in healing sessions are listed below.   Please email or call me if you have any questions. 


Reiki Treatment/Energy Balancing: 

In a standard session, Reiki energy flows from the practitioner's hands into the client. The client is usually laying on a massage table but sessions can also be given while the client is seated or even standing. The client remains fully clothed.


You may also wish to consider a Reiki Distance session which is easier on a recipient because it does not require travel or being in another’s physical presence.

Vogel Healing Crystal Treatment:

Because the Vogel Crystal is formed into the optimal resonant shape for cohering thought and energy, it is a master healing tool.  Any thought put into it can be held, amplified, and transmitted energetically into other systems. A Vogel Crystal is both an optimal “Activation” crystal and an optimal “Projection” crystal. When used for Activation, it is held in the left hand (or whichever hand is receptive for the person).  It will activate and strengthen all 7 chakra major energy centers in the human body; this is generally beneficial and acts to strengthen the person’s energy field.  As an ‘Activation’ crystal it draws energy into the body while we are projecting energy out of the right (or active) hand so that I can stay energetically charged and do not get depleted by the healing session. Held in the right hand, it is a powerful ‘Projection’ crystal, sending powerful, coherent, focused energy into the client, to charge other crystals or for other uses. However, for extracting large amounts of toxic energy I use a ‘Prana’ cut [single termination] crystal which is optimal.


Please note: I use authentic Vogel Crystals, custom-made for me by Lifestream Associates©and Drew Tousley of Luminary Studios©  Trained by Marcel Vogel himself. 

BioGeometry Services:

BioGeometry is based on a Physics of Quality and its growing body of scientific research and has established itself as an applied science. BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions are applied to the human energy field, architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, vehicles, ships and aircrafts to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electro-magnetic radiation, structural design, cosmic and earth-energy radiation. BioGeometry® is also being applied in agriculture, and livestock farming to increase productivity and quality leading to the reduction of controversial chemicals and artificial treatments. BioGeometry uses the energy principles of geometrical shapes to balance biological energy systems within the overall framework of environmental energy interactions.


BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich) in the 1970's, and with more than 40 years of continuous research. Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research has identified a combination of three essential energy qualities (based on classification scales of energy-quality effects), which nature itself uses to balance energy qualities in all living systems. The synergetic combination of these three essential energy-quality components is named the “BioGeometry 3” or simply “BG3.” BioGeometry shapes replicate and amplify this natural energy-balancing BG3 quality, which is concentrated in Earth energy power-spots.

The fee for Biogeometry environment balancing services are based on scope of the request. Please call for environmental pricing. 


Initial In-person Session: $125 

Distance Reiki Session: $45

One Hour In-personFollow-up Sessions: $95

Credit Cards Accepted.

Legal Disclaimers: 

​By using any of our services, you acknowledge that Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski and SoulLogic Energetics, LLC is not responsible for any response or information that you receive or do not receive, and you agree to hold Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski and SoulLogic Energetics, LLC harmless from any loss, harm, injury or damage resulting from or arising out of your contact with Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski and SoulLogic Energetics, LLC.

Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski is a Certified Usui & Karuna® Reiki Master, Biogeometry and Vogel crystal Practitioner and is not a licensed health care professional. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

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