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What to expect - What will the session be like?


Before your visit I would recommend taking an epsom salt bath the night before your visit and drink  plenty of water before and after your visit.


First, you will fill out a questionnaire and then we will take about ten minutes or so to get to know each other. I will also explain what Reiki is and how it works. We will review how you feel, what is going on in your life and what goals you seek from the treatment. This is an important part of the session. A client’s participation is crucial. Each session is uniquely based on the individual’s needs. Each success depends upon communication and a true desire to be successful and open to the healing process.

My Reiki/energy sessions are a combination of traditional Reiki along with the use of other modalities I have learned over my years of learning and practice which includes Biogeometry and the use of true Vogel crystals. Using these modalities, my hands lightly touch the body. Energy from the aura is read, interpreted, and acted upon, either by taking negative energy away or adding positive Reiki energy. The energy used in Reiki is called “Universal Energy." The client is fully dressed (removal of any belts, jewelry, and shoes is your preference but is recommended). You will lie face up on a table. Meditative music will play in the background. The overhead lights will be shut off, however, we are not in total darkness.


Please note, Vogel crystal sessions can require a sitting or standing position.

The goal of any session I do is to eliminate all energy blockages from your chakras and meridian system so your energy system is balanced to allow it to naturally heal the body. You can think of the Chakras as energy pumps and the meridians as the energy circulatory system. 

What will I feel during and after the session?

  •         During the session:

                  •   You may feel the warmth of my hands.
                  •   You may feel tingling.
                  •   You may feel a release of tension as the negative energy is being released.
                  •   You may feel me pulling energy from your feet through your body.
                  •   You may feel some manipulation in an area of an injury, you have asked me to focus on. 

Again, I do not touch you physically. The sensations you feel are a confirmation that positive things are happening.

Be well!

Legal Disclaimers: 

​By using any of our services, you acknowledge that Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski and SoulLogic Energetics, LLC is not responsible for any response or information that you receive or do not receive, and you agree to hold Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski and SoulLogic Energetics, LLC harmless from any loss, harm, injury or damage resulting from or arising out of your contact with Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski and SoulLogic Energetics, LLC.

Andrew L. Gunn-Wilinski is a Certified Usui & Karuna® Reiki Master, Biogeometry and Vogel crystal Practitioner and is not a licensed health care professional. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

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